An exotic Ruby Dessert Wine; French American hybrid Chambourcin grapes; red fruit flavors, plum, rasberry and blackberry.

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Circe is an exotic Ruby Dessert Wine made from only the finest Chambourcin grapes oak aged for two years. This rare wine is overflowing with rich, red fruit flavors of plum, raspberry, and blackberry. The bouquet is a gentle caress of vanilla orchid and grape hyacinth. Just as in the ancient story of the witch Circe, this wine will sing her sirens song to lure you to her fabled love. Like the waves melting to her shores, so will your heart surrender to her beauty.

Circe is best paired with milk chocolate, chocolate based desserts, berry and cream based deserts or gorgonzola cheese.

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Weight 3.33 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 16 cm


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