Dry American Hybrid of the Malaga and Salado grape, with rich complex tones of wild blackberry and mellow sweet oak.


First introduced as a wine grape in 1902, Lomanto quickly became the grape of choice for fine wine production over much of the southern U.S. This unusual hybrid is the product of the great Texas wine grape breeder, Thomas Volney Munson. The richness of flavor is achieved by the marriage of the Malaga and Salado grape.

Overflowing with rich complex tones of blueberry cake, lingering highlights of wild blackberry, and mellow sweet oak. The color can best be described as a mysterious astral purple with a stunning iridescent blue halo.

Truly a rare wine. Not just any glass of wine, but rather a look back into distant wine history of the New World.

Pairs beautifully with sirloin crowned with blue cheese, rich BBQ pork, or grilled vegetables with wild mushrooms.

This wine was the 2010 Bronze Award winner at the Dallas Morning News International competition.

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 16 cm


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