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The Lenoir grape may well be the original American red grape of the south. It’s history, shrouded in the mists of time, originated around 1764, deep in the Savannah River Valley, at the French Huguenot colony called New Bordeaux. There, under the guidance of the New World’s first skilled vineyardist, this genetic marvel was born. The Lenoir’s renown durability under the rugged construction of the westward expansion made this vine an essential component of many of the new settlements.

Lift a glass of this wine, lift a glass of the history of our great nation!

The wine is produced in East Texas White Oak and is bursting with red fruits, raspberries, anise, and oak vanillin, all of which glide along on a juicy, creamy palate.

Pair the Lenoir with venison tenderloins, or slow cooked rack of lamb, grilled vegetable, sweet potato pie.

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